Meet Your Park Liaison!

Do you have an idea that might serve you and others in the park? Here’s a way to run it by a fellow seasoned camper in a friendly, supportive and practical setting:

Newcomer, Bill Nestor in Site 25 will generously be available as your new Park Liaison. You are invited to phone or email Bill with your burning wish or thoughtful concern. You may also approach Bill between 10 am to 5 pm daily or phone: 780-982-9681 or email at

Please ensure that you accompany your topic with a suggestion that demonstrates how it will benefit the greater whole of the park (and the practical operations side as well). This is  just the type of communication and experience that Firefly & Fiddle Resort aims to foster.

As enjoyers of community, Bill and his wife, Donna, have a wealth of RV park participation, both serving in very active and thoughtful ways. Bill’s background in HR, tourism, and creative expansion comes with a track record of unique successes balanced with serving people first. We are very fortunate to have his talent and generosity! Thank you, Bill!